FAQ-Prop 3 to Expand Medicaid

What does Prop 3 do?

It provides access to Medicaid for 150,000 Utahns, including parents and people with chronic illnesses. It ensures hard-working Utahns who earn a promotion or work more hours won’t have their healthcare taken away. It helps Utahns onto the path of self-reliance as they pull themselves out of poverty and rewards hard work—instead of punishing it by cutting off a family’s healthcare.

Will Prop 3 Cost Taxpayers Money?

Proposition 3 has a sales tax increase on non-food items equivalent to about one cent on the cost of a movie ticket. This investment enables Utah to bring home nine times that amount in federal dollars every year which is money that is already set aside for Utah. It’s money 33 other states already get, but we’ve been losing out on for five years.

Who will Prop 3 Help?

Proposition 3 provides access to Medicaid for more than 150,000 Utahns who are earning under $17,000 per year for individuals, or parents earning less than $34,000 per year for a family of four.

What will Prop 3 do for Utah’s Economy?

Proposition 3 unlocks nearly $800 million in federal funding each year to come back to Utah. State-commissioned studies and independent economists have shown expanding Medicaid will create thousands of jobs and generate billions in new economic activity for our state each year. Most recent study estimates Medicaid expansion creating nearly 14,000 jobs and $1.7 billion in economic impact.

How will Prop 3 Affect Small Businesses?

Medicaid expansion helps businesses by reducing cost shifting which happens when hospitals shift uncompensated care costs to insurers, insurers then pass on the added expense to Utah businesses. It will also shield employers from high tax penalties. Utah businesses will face $11-17 million less in tax penalties each year if qualifying employees are enrolled in Medicaid rather than the Marketplace.

Does Utah’s Healthcare Community Support Prop 3?

Check out our list of supporters here, it grows every day! We have the support of several healthcare organizations including:
American Academy of Pediatrics, Utah Chapter
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
American Diabetes Association
National Association of Social Workers,Utah Chapter
Utah Academy of Family Physicians
Utah Nurses Association
Utah Occupational Therapy Association
Utah Section of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists