Utahns voted to expand Medicaid.

Now, Proposition 3 is under attack from politicians who don't respect the will of the people.


Call Governor Herbert and your representative and urge them to fully implement Proposition 3 without interference or delay.



Help Stop the Attack on Our Democracy and Our Health Care


Last November, more than 555,000 Utahns voted to expand Medicaid in the state, a solid majority of more than 53 percent. The vote passed in a majority of Utah’s House and Senate districts, and in fact outpolled candidates in 17 House districts and 5 Senate districts. It was a vote that was both clear and fair.


But now, politicians in the statehouse say they intend to undercut that democratic process and the will of the voters by rolling back Medicaid expansion, a move that would be devastating for more than 50,000 Utahns who under the plan will lose access to treatment for serious illnesses and other health issues.


How is it that that legislators are happy to accept the democratic judgment of voters when it comes to their own election to office, but will cast the voters’ aside when democracy produces an outcome they don’t like.


The truth is, this attack on Medicaid expansion undercuts the democratic voice of the voters and directly harms the health of thousands of Utahns.


It’s up to us to stop them!