Protecting Healthcare for Utah's Families

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In 2016, the uninsured rate for low-income Utahns was 16.8 percent
– almost double the state average of 8.8 percent.

Where We Stand

While Washington politicians continue to fight over health care, the Utah Decides Healthcare campaign lets Utah voters take control of their healthcare system and decide what is best for their families. Utah Decides Healthcare is a citizen’s ballot initiative dedicated to placing the Utah Decides Healthcare Act on the November 2018 ballot.

Our ballot initiative would secure Medicaid and CHIP for tens of thousands of Utahns, ensuring affordable access to doctors and hospitals for our most vulnerable citizens: seniors in nursing homes, mothers and hardworking families struggling to make ends meet.

The 2018 election may seem far off, but ballot initiative work must begin now. To qualify for the Utah 2018 ballot, Utah Decides Healthcare must gather 113,143 signatures in 26 state senate districts by April 2018.

Utahns strongly support this measure by 60% to 36%. Voters have made it clear that they want to improve healthcare in Utah after so much inaction by the state legislature.

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Our Priorities

Expand Medicaid for Utah’s Families

Protect CHIP for Utah’s Families

Ensure Care for Vulnerable Utahns

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